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At Rheumatology Associates of North Jersey

Rheumatology Associates of North Jersey has been a premier center for osteoporosis for more than 25 years. We have performed thousands of Bone Density Scans (DXAs) on the latest and best equipment.

We scan both hips and have the capability to perform a Lateral Vertebral Assessment, a scan of the side of the spine. This scan is used to evaluate abnormalities seen on a regular scan to ensure your spine has no fractures.

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Our Experienced Rheumatologists

In addition, your scans are read by experienced rheumatologists who:

  • Have read thousands of scans
  • Are certified by the International Society of Clinical Densitometry, the only organization responsible for Ensuring excellent standards of DXA readings
  • Are able to read your scan at the time of visit and discuss them with you
  • Are consulted with daily for osteoporosis evaluations from across the state
  • Lecture around the tristate area on osteoporosis

Additional Therapies

We are experienced with all therapies related to osteoporosis including the use of Reclast, the once-yearly medication for osteoporosis, Prolia, newer non-bisphosphonate therapy, and Forteo.

We are often able to give infusion and injectable treatments in our comfortable infusion suite on the same day as your office visit. These procedures are usually fully covered by your insurance.

Trusted in North Jersey Since 1976