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To make an appointment, please fill out the form below or contact us at 201.837.7788

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New Patients

If you are a new patient, it is mandatory to confirm your appointment within 24 hours of the visit. We will call you 48 hours in advance and attempt to reach the numbers that were given to us. However, if the appointment is not confirmed, the office will cancel your appointment. Unfortunately, there are many people desiring to be seen and with excessive no-show rates, this will allow the patients who are in need access to care.

While we make every effort to remain on schedule, occasionally events occur that are unavoidable and can result in schedule delays. True emergencies of a life-threatening nature take priority over existing appointments and will be so handled. If the physician with whom you are scheduled is unavoidably detained by an emergency, you will be notified, if possible, so that you are not inconvenienced and will be offered the opportunity to reschedule within the immediate future.

Initial Visit and Evaluation

On your initial visit, it would be EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you bring your recent medical file and any related laboratory work, x-rays or Bone Density studies that have been done. These are always valuable and may save you and your family an additional trip. During your initial evaluation, all available records and studies will be reviewed, and a history and physical exam pertinent to your problems will be done. Additional laboratory and x-rays will be ordered, if necessary to help with your diagnosis.
The initial evaluation will generally take 1-2 hours, depending on the nature and complexity of your problems. Therapy will be individualized, depending on your diagnosis. In many cases, a probable diagnosis can be made and therapy started on the first visit. In other instances, a specific diagnosis can be made only after the results of additional tests are available. If this is the case, our doctors may feel it is in your best interest to defer their treatment recommendations until all of the results are available.

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